A Note From Pat CINER Hill

Hello everyone,
It is my sincere hope that everyone is healthy and staying home while this unprecedented virus encompasses the world. We wanted to touch base with you, our loyal customers, to ensure you we are still here and eagerly anticipating the reopening of NYC. 
CINER is a small, original family owned and run business. We are tiny but mighty. We’ve been around for 128 years and plan to continue for another 128 years and another 128 years after that!
As we wait for the city to reopen, we find ourselves going a little stir crazy but can you blame us!? We’ve put together a list of things to help keep you and your family entertained while we ride out these next few weeks of social distancing. 
  1. Pen to Paper: Create your own storybook or comic strip together on one page of paper. Include both words and pictures. Pen, paper and a vivid imagination is all you need! Will your story involve a superhero or will it be a classic fairytale? Perhaps it will be about a man who didn't want to marry his boss's daughter and ended up opening his own shop :)
  2. What I Love About You: What do you love about your family members? Now is the time to tell them! Our hope for you during this challenge is to remind you of the good qualities and characteristics of your family members and to get your mind off how loud they breathe and chew their food. 
  3. Family Time Capsule: Grab a box. Fill the box up with things that describe your family at this given time - photos, souvenirs, newspaper clippings, toys, clothes, letter mementos. Then, seal the box. Decide when you want to open the box again, we suggest in 10 - 15 years. When the time comes, reopen the box and reminisce on what used to be!
  4. Family Photo Album: We do this at CINER and love it! Get a scrapbook and print out your favorite family pictures and memories. You can be creative with themed pages or you can go for  the vintage photo album look. We have scrapbooks of our 128-year-old history. It’s always a treat to look through those books! 
We’re in this together! We can’t wait to be back in the studio, creating gorgeous jewelry for you! Until then, stay safe everyone!