On This Day

Believe it or not, January 15th is a big day for sports lovers.

On this day in 1892, the Triangle Magazine first published the official creation and rules of a new game called Basketball. James Naismith details the 13 original rules of the game and explains the game calls for physical judgement and co-ordination of every muscle and gives all-around development. Described as a less injury-prone sport than football, the Canadian physical education instructor created this indoor sport to keep athletes indoors during the winter. Later in the year, the first official public basketball game is played in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Although football held its first match in 1869, January 15th is still a significant day for football lovers because it’s the day the first ever Super Bowl was played! The Green Bay Packers beat the Chiefs in the first Super Bowl on January 15th, 1967 at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.

Fun Fact: CINER was in business for 75 years by the time the first Super Bowl was played.