Icy Sea

The Icy Sea edit is a stunning silver-grey grouping, inspired by the marine invertebrates of Antarctic waters, the so-called hidden gems of the coldest continent. While the fish may not be particularly notable for their colors, the rainbow of invertebrates can be as bright and varied as any of those you find on a coral reef. Above sea level, in this Icy place, the mood may be of a landscape that is black, white, grey and blue, with a hint of an overcast sky. But below the surface, there’s a hidden multi-coloured, star-studded world that, until quite recently, I had not considered could be anywhere in the world outside of the finest coral reefs. This edit, designed in complementary soft hues of silver-grey pearls, dove grey enamel and set in gold with elegant crystal decoration in topaz and black diamond hues, is elegant, sophisticated and chic. The edit works brilliantly well, all year round, on summer linens or on a winter cashmere sweater or a cocktail dress. The style transcends all age groups and would sit comfortably well on the lady who favors a little timeless glamour in her life combined with subtle, grown-up, classical colour tones.

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