Calpso Necklace
Calpso Necklace

Calpso Necklace


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Living in Gold, Red Coral & Pearl!
 "Calypso" is a Greek name meaning "Nymph". Calypso was the mythological nymph who beguiled Odysseus for seven years and was the daughter of Atlas. This statement necklace is totally dreamy and one of Rachel's favorite pieces from the collection. It's so easy to wear and goes perfectly with almost any outfit. In summer it's perfect to inspire that ocean vibe within your wardrobe while in the winter, it looks stunning worn on a cashmere sweater with a pair of jeans. Why should Coral only be worn for summer? after all Coral Reefs are present all year round!
18K Gold Plating
Glass Pearl Balls
Red Coral Enamel
Hook Clasp
Length: 16 1/2"


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