Galene Necklace
Galene Necklace

Galene Necklace


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Living in Silver Gray & Light Smoked Topaz!
"Galene" was the Greek Goddess of "Calm Seas". A timelessly classic beauty that transcends the seasons of the year, and looks sophisticated, sparkly and elegant whether dressed up or down. The soft silver and warm topaz tones are flattering to all skin types, and would work with any wardrobe. Wear the Galene Necklace on grey, black and beige or pop her on pink or orange and watch her look change like a chameleon. For the lady who knows how to work it anytime, anywhere, this piece is for you!
18K Gold Plating
Crystal Rhinestones
Black Antique
Light Smoked Topaz
Crystal Rondelles
Hook Clasp
7-9 strands of 6mm silver pearls- draped.
Starfish Motif: 5" Width ; Asymmetric

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