Virgo Charm Necklace
Virgo Charm Necklace

Virgo Charm Necklace


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The Virgin
August 23 - September 22
Those born under the Virgo zodiac sign have capable, organized and analytical minds, which often makes them a pleasure to chat with. Even when they have rather fantastic stories, the charming way they tell them can make those stories convincing. Virgos are curious people, and they have a natural gift for research - whether it comes to assignments, or even people. They also often have great memory and a talent for intuition. They make for excellent team members in both work and social situations. They love to collaborate, although their sometimes critical nature can annoy others when those criticisms are not understood.- labyrinthos
18K Gold Plating
Crystal Velvet Rhinestones 
Small Lobster Claw Clasp

16" with 3" Extender
Motif: 1" x 1/2"

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