Pink Corali

The Pink Corali edit was designed with the Pantone Color of the year, 'Living Coral'in mind. Coral represents diplomacy,  is said to bring silence to emotions, and allows peace within. Pink Coral was first harvested for jewelry by the ancient Egyptians, and worn in Rome to ward off evil. That protective feature also made its way into the Renaissance. Pink Coral was also highly valued in the Victorian era, when it was carved for delicate cameo portraits; it was incorporated into sleek Art Deco jewelry and was prized in its raw form by the hippies of the 1960s and ’70s. Rachel’s Pink Corali edit has been designed with today’s woman in mind, providing something that works beautifully with her wardrobe from daytime pursuits to cocktails with ease! This jewelry can also be passed on to your grand-daughter, in years to come, and still look fabulous and timeless. Whether you feel like channelling your inner Daisy Buchanan, Grace Kelly or Cate Blanchette, the Pink Corali edit has the elegance and timeless style that you are looking for.

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