Pisces Charm Earring
Pisces Charm Earring

Pisces Charm Earring


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The Fish
February 12 - March 20
The Pisces zodiac sign are the dreamers and mystics of the zodiac - but you may never know it. Many of them have extremely vivid inner lives - filled with fantasy, magic and wonder. They may find it hard to express that inner life, meaning that many of them are introverts. They are honest, compassionate, and trustworthy but they can sometimes take it too far and be rather gullible. Because of that they can be taken advantage of. Beneath their quiet exterior, Pisces has an intense determination, which helps them transcend any obstacles that come their way.- labyrinthos


18K Gold Plating
Crystal Velvet Rhinestones 

Diameter: ½”
Motif: 3/4" x 3/4"

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