De Gournay x CINER

CINER is famous for its pieces that resemble fine jewelry due to its meticulous

quality of handmade design and multi-casting techniques. At the same time we

have remained committed to American made craftsmanship in an age that

challenges the very notion of artistry and what it means for something to be

handmade. We also have been in business for 123 years — and so when it

came to bringing our website’s spring garden theme to life, we wanted to partner

with a company equally grounded in history and committed to craftsmanship.

De Gournay’s Earlham panel — in pink, emerald green and Chelsea blue on

dyed silk— proved to be the perfect backdrop for our first collection to come to


De Gournay Collaboration - Ciner NY

We worked with de Gournay’s team in NYC to select a design that would eventually become the landing page for our future website. Earlham in particular caught our attention — the design includes varieties of the most revered flowers in Chinese culture, tree peonies, chrysanthemums and plum blossoms.

The source for this particular de Gournay design is a set of panels in the collection of the Victoria & Albert museum in London, dating from the middle of the 18th century. The antique Earlham panels were known to be saved for special occasions, and hung temporarily only for royal visits or important receptions. We felt it quite fitting to use this extraordinary design for such a special occasion — take a peak at some behind the scenes shots of our photo shoot with de Gournay for our first website.



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