Ula Necklace
Ula Necklace

Ula Necklace


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Living in Gold, Montana Blue, Ruby Red, Turquoise & Pearl! 

"Ula", meaning sea jewel – She may look like a small and simple necklace, but she is most certainly a head-turner. Amongst the array of statement pieces in this wonderful collaboration between Rachel Bates and Ciner, Ula could be quite easily overlooked. It takes a refined eye to spot her and her beauty. Sitting perfectly around the collar bone, she adds, grace, sparkle and style to any neckline and is just enough to complement the statement earrings in this collection without appearing too much.

18K Gold Plating
Montana Rhinestones
Ruby Rhinestones
Turquoise Rhinestones
Glass Pearl Balls
Box and Tongue Clasp
Diameter: 16" Width: 1/2"