Stop and Smell the Roses

As the spring season gently fades away and we eagerly welcome the warm summer weather, we must take a step back and smell the roses.


Each year, countless beautiful roses are named after iconic celebrities, personalities, and people of interest. The practice of naming a rose after an individual began in the 19th century, when breeding company Jackson and Perkins named its first rose Dorothy Perkins, to honor the granddaughter of one of the owners. Winning the Royal National Rose Society in 1908, Dorothy Perkins became famous overnight and so did the honorary rose naming method! Several roses are named after celebrities, including two CINER collectors.

The Elizabeth Taylor Rose





In its full beauty, the Elizabeth Taylor Rose blooms in bright pink with a darker pink edge. Known for her successful film career and glamorous lifestyle, this iconic star complements this hybrid tea rose so gracefully.






The Barbra Streisand Rose



The multi-talented Barbra Streisand was very particular in selecting a rose that would bear her name. Streisand wanted a rose to smell delicious while being disease free. Breeder Rom Carruth delivered just that in 2001, creating a rose with rich lavender blooms combined with an intense citrus-like fragrance. Clothed with lush foliage, the Barbra Streisand Rose is also disease resistant. Registered as a mauve blend, the Barbra Streisand Rose is beautifully colored.




  You do not have to be a CINER collector to be honored with a rose being named after you! Dozens of style icons and celebrities have roses named after them as well.

The Audrey Hepburn Rose









Audrey Hepburn’s rose is one filled with elegance and class! The light pink hybrid tea rose compliments Hepburn’s femininity and delicate nature. With a very gentle smell, described as light and fruity, it is easy to see why this rose is named after the iconic actress.










The Marilyn Monroe Rose











Marilyn Monroe was honored with a rose being named after her in 2002. Marilyn’s rose has a soft creamy apricot color. The rose is lightly scented, complimenting Marilyn’s timeless beauty.







The Princess Diana Rose









Princess Diana of Wales’ rose was developed by Zary in 1998. This stunning hybrid tea shrub rose has pink blend blooms that grow between 4 and 6 feet! A repeat bloomer, Diana’s rose is slightly fragrant and is disease resistant. Diana’s rose is just as beautiful as she was.










Written by: Stephanie Fuhro

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