The Design Process

We are sharing an excerpt on the very special Ciner Design Process from a recent interview with our VP of Design and Sales that Elana Lyn featured this week in honor of the website’s launch:

“It is a long and what some people might call tedious process, but at Ciner it is the only way to produce the fine costume jewelry we are known for in the industry and across the world.

We start by producing our own castings from poured liquid metal that is kept at 900 degrees.

Then we move on to the workbenches where the highly-skilled craftsmen and women of Ciner will assemble the castings. They install brass hinges and clasps or perhaps string hundreds of castings onto a fine chain with just the right amount of tension to create the body of a necklace.


Next we move to the polishing room, where our polisher will work on each piece one at a time bringing the piece to a smooth and fine finish.



Now it goes to the plating room where the piece will be plated in genuine 18K gold or rhodium. We do not plate in sterling to achieve our silver jewelry, as it tarnishes. Ciner plates in genuine rhodium to achieve a silver look, which is actually more expensive per ounce than gold. However, it produces a beautiful almost platinum effect that gives our pieces an unusually rich color. It is long lasting.

Next the piece goes to be hand enameled if needed. This is a twenty-four hour process. Our enamels are hand mixed to create our own unique colors. We can also create the color of your dreams, if requested! And lastly they are stoned with wonderful crystals, cabochons, or assorted materials from around the world that Ciner has acquired to bring pieces to life!

The Ciner Artisan Process

Each piece is critically inspected for perfection before shipping out to be worn, enjoyed, and passed down to the next generation. It takes a few days at best and many finely trained and skilled artisan craftsmen to complete one piece. It is a labor of love — that is why Ciner is so special.”

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