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Ciner Celebrates
125 Years of Fine

in NYC

CINER celebrates 125 years of designing and manufacturing jewelry this year – a longer period of time by one family than any other costume jewelry company in the United States – if not the world! We are so proud to be 100% MADE IN AMERICA, right here in New York City!

Ciner was started by my grandfather in 1892, as a very small, precious jewelry company. After the Depression, the company began working first in sterling silver and then in a newer, less expensive material called “white metal” – to create wonderful, innovative costume jewelry pieces that looked almost as fine as real jewelry, at a fraction of the cost. When World War II came along, even the metal we used was in short supply. The company, instead, helped to make small airplane parts .

When the war ended, the women were eager to look beautiful again. Skilled workers went back to their work benches, helping to create an active costume jewelry market that produced beautiful jewelry out of materials that had the look of real but were not so expensive.

For the past 70 or so years, Ciner has continued and strengthened its legacy by creating and producing costume jewelry. We are the only surviving company from those wonderful postwar years that saw the emergence of very fine costume jewelry. Today so much jewelry is poorly made and constructed, often in countries like China – where it can always be “made for less.” We have continued to design and produce the quality and look of real – right here in the heart of New York City!!

Nobody – but CINER – can make the look of real so beautifully!


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