• Our History

    The Ciner Family

    is proud to be pioneers of the American costume jewelry industry. To this day, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by a team of artisans in our New York City based studio. Boxes and boxes of wooden drawers contain the 126 years of Ciner design cards that identify each style with its assigned style number. With this number the design will be written up and passed on to the Design Studio to start production. Every new piece of Ciner jewelry is made to order allowing us complete control of our process as well as customization.

Ciner Craftmanship

Bars of solid

White metal

which will be melted inside the cauldron of the casting room to a liquid state at 900 degrees.

  • Rubber


    Racks of numbered rubber moulds that correlate to the design card numbers. All Ciner moulds are produced in house by our master caster and contain the individual impressions of each style created from the years of Ciner models that were hand sculpted by some of the very best artisans in our industry.

  • Molton


    Pouring the molten metal into the centrifical casting machine which will spin and cool the molten metal inside the rubber mould to produce raw castings. The cooled raw metal castings being prepared to move on to the next steps of production.

  • Ciner Craftmanship
  • Ciner Craftmanship



Each individual raw casting is brought into the Polishing Room to be hand polished on a polishing wheel with a special clay like compound to produce a fine finish. This step is crucial in the results of producing a fine piece of jewelry and the Polisher spends years learning and perfecting his craft. Assorted polishing wheels are used to create different surface effects per each style such as brushed, satin or high polish finishes.

Ciner Craftmanship
  • Highly


    Sitting at the work bench is one of our highly skilled craftsmen beginning the complicated process of hand assembly. Years of experience result in the expert assembly required to execute a fine Ciner design.

  • Cleaned


    Cleaned Polished Cleaned, polished and assembled castings of a cuff bracelet and a dragonfly pin are now ready to move on to our plating room where we use genuine 18K Gold or genuine rhodium to achieve our famous plating finishes.

Ciner Craftmanship

Any colour

is posible

Just a few bottles of mixed enamel colors shown in trays. Any color is possible at Ciner as we custom mix our enamels to create our own unique shades or to beautifully match specific colors requested by our customers.

  • Enamel


    Carefully hand applying black enamel to a Ciner cuff before the piece moves on to the stoning department

  • Expert

    Stone Setters

    Our expert stone setters hand paste and set each stone into every Ciner piece of jewelry. Here the frame and center of a Ciner gold plated butterfly pin is being set with tiny pave Austrian crystals and later we will set the inside of the wings with faceted oval glass stone

  • Sample


    Our Team of sample makers begin the process of stringing and hand knotting glass pearls on silk thread.

A dazzling


A dazzling tray of finished hand knotted pearl necklaces produced from start to finish in house. These necklaces feature Ciner starburst motifs plated In Ciner 18K gold and set with Austrian turquoise and crystal rhinestones with coral cabochon centers on strands of hand knotted glass pearls. Many days of work, assorted craftsman and expert execution are required to achieve the wonderful results!

Ciner Craftmanship
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