A Brief History of the Minaudiere

This year at Ciner, we are celebrating our roots as New York City’s premiere costume jewelry designers.  As we celebrate the big 125, we cannot help but reminisce over some of the more fantastic eras in fashion and jewelry design.  Thus was born the Gilded Anniversary Collection: a celebration of Gilded Age opulence imbued with a modern twist, and what better way to celebrate our anniversary than with the reissue of the original Ciner minaudiere?

A Little History:

During the Gilded Age (the 1920s and 1930s), Hollywood starlets sought out evening bags that would complement their gowns in the way that jewelry would, rather than detract from the silhouette of the clothing in the way that a bag with shoulder straps would.

Florence Gould, a trendsetting socialite with a penchant for collecting impressionist artwork was known to carry her belongings around to events in a metal cigarette case.  Fine jewelry houses took notice and soon began releasing their own bejeweled takes on this iconic evening accessory.  Ciner, already a well-established costume jewelry house in New York City at the time soon released their very own minaudiere.  

Present Times:

This year, we at Ciner are beyond excited to bring back the original Ciner Minaudiere.  Its timeless design dates back to the 1930s, and would pair elegantly with the sleekest of today’s eveningwear.  Unlike a typical evening clutch, this item is meant to dangle from your finger by a graceful little chain, and contains two compartments divided by a small mirror.

It’s exquisite, mirrored stand would complement any lady’s vanity or dresser – a beautiful, timeless piece that is a reminiscent of elegant, perfumed nights.