Ciner’s Visit to The Musée des Arts Décoratifs

We knew as soon as we booked our tickets to visit Paris for SS’18 Fashion week, the Christian Dior Exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs was a MUST while in town. The show was created by renowned scenographer Nathalie Criniere. Criniere and her team have been receiving rave reviews.

As this is the first Dior exhibition held in Paris in 30 years, this celebration of Dior’s 70th birthday was sure to be amazing… and it was!
We were forewarned that the lines to buy tickets stretched down past the Tuileries garden, so we were sure to buy tickets in advance. Luckily, we were able to stroll right in.

The exhibit was nothing less than spectacular for all who adore the work of Dior! The show begins with the story and evolution of the brand, starting in 1947 with over 300 haute couture gowns and over 1,000 accessories on display.

One thing we found enchanting was the color blocked groupings of tiny dress samples and life-size accessories in an array of colors. Simply fascinating! Of course, the accessories were of great interest to us. 

To view some of the incredible pieces of jewelry designed and executed by the House of Dior, so up close and personal, was truly a dream come true and very inspiring!


There was one piece in particular that caught V.P of Design and Sales, Kris Ciulla’s, eye…. The most spectacular pearl and brooch necklace paired with a black velvet dress. Instantly, Kris thought of Pat and an upcoming event, back at home, that Ciner was soon to attend.

Kris knew immediately she wanted to try to create a piece tailored to Pat that was true to Ciner and our aesthetic- but with a grateful curtsy to Dior as the inspiration. We will be sharing our creation with you in an upcoming blog; however, you can see the piece that inspired Kris and influenced her creativity below.

The exhibition did not stop there! We continued to admire a wide-ranging display of celebrity photographs such as photos of Princess Margaret in the dreamiest Dior dress ever!


We also saw art from the Dior gallery, opened in 1928 before Monsieur Dior entered into the world of fashion. Additionally, we saw a magical room devoted to the Dior Gardens. This room was filled with dripping white wisteria like displays from the ceiling and the most delicate and feminine gowns, all with a nod to the designer’s love for all things floral.


When you think there is no more to possibly see, you enter the grand finale of the exhibit.The magnificent three-tier extravaganza with gowns on display to the ceiling, video screens of film stars decked out in Dior- from Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, and none other than Princess Diana!

This is an exhibition we will remember for a lifetime. We can’t think of anything in the past or how anything in the future could top this delightful experience or be as inspirational as this exhibition!

Merci, Monsieur Dior!