The Potato Chip

August 24th 2020 celebrated 167 years of the potato chip! Have you ever heard the story of how the potato chip came to fruition?! It is quite the story...
In 1852, George Crum, a Native American/African American chef, was working at the Moon Lake Lodge resort in Saratoga Springs, NY - located nearly 180 miles north of Manhattan. One of the most popular items on the menu was French fries. During his shift, Crum became increasingly bothered by a dissatisfied customer who continued to send his meal back stating that the fries were too thick and soggy. After making several new batches of French fries, none to the customer’s liking, Crum decided he finally had enough. George Crum took a potato and shaved it so thin that no one trying to eat it could pick it up with a fork. Crum fried the potatoes until they were hard and crunchy and topped it off with a generous helping of salt. It was Crum’s intention to annoy the extremely fussy customer and perhaps teach him a lesson on dining etiquette. To Crum’s utter surprise, the customer ended up LOVING what he was served and alas, a new snack was born!
It is funny how things happen the way they do. It is true, something incredible can come from the littlest thing, but I guess that is why they say, “doing nothing gets you nowhere”. Back in the day, CINER did a lot of work with the late designer Joanne Cooper. Joanne designed many pieces for CINER throughout the years but perhaps the best-selling combination is our “Potato Chip” set.  Working mostly in wax, Joanne found a great deal of inspiration in candles- more specifically how the wax would dry, and the organic textures were formed. Joanne Cooper’s line for CINER is one of the most distinguished collections in our vast archive. The organic nature of the pieces, in CINER’s signature high polish, creates timeless masterpieces. Throughout the 1980’s, Joanne would come in with different wax elements, and together Pat and Joanne would lay out different silhouettes that CINER’s customers love.
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