The Who What When Where Why of CINER


Ciner is a 128-year-old, original family owned jewelry company, that designs and manufacturers fine quality costume jewelry in NYC. Emanuel Ciner started the family business, and today it is owned by Pat Ciner Hill, Emanuel’s granddaughter, and her daughter Jean Hill.


Ciner is Quality. Everything CINER makes is made to order, and made entirely by hand, in our NYC studio. CINER’s team of incredibly skilled artisans do everything from casting, to cleaning, assembly to polishing, plating, stone setting and even enameling. Every piece of jewelry passes through the hands of several artisans, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.


Emanuel Ciner opened his company in 1892.


Ciner began its journey on Maiden Lane, New York, NY and today we are located in Midtown Manhattan.


One of our most frequently asked questions is, why. Why did Emanuel Ciner decide to start his own jewelry company back in 1892? Our President, Pat Ciner Hill, tells the story better than anyone. Pat’s grandfather, Emanuel Ciner, started working as an apprentice for a man who thought he would be the perfect match for his daughter. Emanuel decided that he did not want to marry the man’s daughter and instead, decided to open his own shop.128 years later, Emanuel’s legacy continues to stand!