Traditional Holiday

We know what you’re thinking: what, why, how can that be?  The answer is simple. Ciner follows traditional jewelry holidays!

This trend started way back when the suppliers, whether it was the gold supplier, the rhinestone supplier or any supplier needed to create jewelry, decided they would close for a holiday break. The rest of the industry followed this trend because they realized, during this time, they had no way of getting the items necessary to make their jewelry.  If you cannot get the materials, you cannot make the jewelry! Fast forward to 2017, the entire Ciner company will be enjoying a two week holiday, the first half of July.

For Ciner to successfully function during the year, we cannot have our employees taking off at different points in time. For example, if our master caster is out for the week, we cannot begin the process of making beautiful jewelry. If our polisher is out, we cannot achieve our signature finishes. This same idea goes for our platers, enamelers, and rhinestone setters.

There is a saying, teamwork makes the dream work. Without the entire Ciner team on board, we cannot carry our dream of creating and designing beautiful pieces of jewelry

We look forward to assisting you upon our return! If you would like to learn more about how we create our beautiful jewelry, you can read about it here!