Treasures From the Mad Decade: The Great Gatsby Bracelet

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Treasures From the Mad Decade: The Great Gatsby Bracelet

This week, as we are celebrating the arrival of Spring, we are also edging closer to the many celebrations of summer.  We’re re-igniting the decadent, anything-goes spirit of the Roaring Twenties by featuring Ciner’s Great Gatsby Bracelet in anticipation of long summer nights and countless soirees.

Our first feature this season is Ciner’s Great Gatsby Bracelet: a bold, yet elegant piece comprised of five gleaming radiant-cut crystals sure to reflect the whimsical lighting of your beautiful surroundings.  The glistening crystals are linked together by a fine, lightly-antiqued rhodium chain for an overall cool and clean effect that is resplendent in its art deco form and charm.  Why not add a bit of Jazz Age opulence to your look with this versatile piece, which is as cool with skinny jeans and a strappy tank as it is glamorous with a chic evening gown.  

Whichever way you wear it, the Gatsby is sure to attract attention of likeminded admirers of the Mad Decade. You can expect to shine brightly throughout the evening like the beautiful and mysterious silent film ingenues of old, even through a black and white filter (be sure to hashtag #CinerNY !) while you’re wearing this stately piece.  

As a stand-alone accessory, this bracelet absolutely stuns on its own.  Every true romantic has a place in her heart for the fearless aesthetic of this beautiful, bygone era.  Indeed, the Mad Decade and its “architecture of optimism” is alive and well, and it reveals itself to you through the shimmering clarity of this beautiful bracelet.  There’s no easier way to let ‘em know that you’re the cat’s pajamas by mixing and matching Gatsby with any variety of our unique crystal, silver, or rhodium costume jewelry.

Fun Fact: During the 1920s, Ciner was a producer of fine jewelry.  In fact, it would not be until 1929 and the unfortunate events that led up to and followed “Black Tuesday” that Ciner made the switch to producing high quality costume jewelry as the demand for fine jewelry had all but dried up during the Great Depression.  

Ciner was the one and only American fine jeweler to make the switch from producing fine jewelry to manufacturing high-quality costume jewelry that had a similar appeal. This adaptive approach is one of the only things that allowed Ciner , which was originally founded in 1892, to survive throughout the Great Depression.  

So, if there’s anything our history can teach us, it’s that the good times, the bad times – they come and they go.  It is essential to seize the day   so add a little of that fearless Jazz Age attitude to your repertoire with this iconic piece.  The sky’s the limit!

Hey Ciner Ladies!  Show us your take on these Great Gatsby stylings by adding the hashtag #Ciner and #CinerNY to your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter posts!  We look forward to seeing the fun and exciting ways in which you style your Ciner jewelry!