Corali Branch

The Corali Branch edit is a spectacular capsule. You could say it’s the jewel in the crown, the pounding heartbeat of the Corali Collection.  This precious red coral style edit was inspired by “Corallium rubrum”, found mainly in the Mediterranean Sea. The distinguishing characteristics of this precious and durable coral, and the intensity of its red or pink-orange skeleton has always been popular throughout the history of jewelry making. The special corali branch elements, in this edit, were created from pewter castings made from real pieces of coral that were found washed up on a beach and collected over 50 years ago by the father of the current President of Ciner, Pat Ciner Hill. These castings had never been used before and were brought out of the archives especially for Rachel’s visit to New York. In a meeting of great design minds, Rachel and the Ciner head of design, Kris Ciulla, started to work with the many design possibilities using the interesting coral castings in all shapes and sizes, along with vibrant color pallets and gems of all shapes and forms in the incredible Ciner Manhattan Atelier, where the concept of the Corali Branch collection was born and the rest, as they say, is history!

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