Ines x CINER

Ciner’s collaboration with bridal house Ines Di Santo is enchanting in the most charming way.
With season three of the collaboration wrapping up, we cannot wait to show you the beautiful designs created in Ciner’s NYC studio! Season I of the Ines x Ciner collaboration was inspired by the illustrations in the pages of “East of the Sun; West of the Moon.” The magical creations feature sparkling pavé stones, antique glass flowers, and birds taking flight from their birdcages on a range of exquisite rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and minaudières. Season II of the Ines x Ciner collaboration was inspired by a fairytale dream. Ophelia spends time in a shimmering lunar garden filled with celestial wonder. She dances through branches with fluorescent blossoms, and ships sail in the clouds amongst the moon and the stars. Tiny woodland creatures and beautiful gold and silver twigs dance around her wrists and fingers. Season III, ‘Under The Impression’, serves as a medium to the splendid Impressionist Art Movement, capturing the spirit of its magnificent transformation of color and texture, the shifting effect of light, and the magic of airy transparency.
The jewelry is intricately executed in 18k gold and genuine rhodium plating, resulting in conversation pieces that help tell a modern fairytale, befitting of the Ines Di Santo and Ciner woman.

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