The Corali Collection

The Inspiration Behind The Corali Collection.
Rachel was born a Piscean, which probably has something to do with her fascination with the ocean and all that lives within its waters. The 'Corali' collection was inspired by Rachel's life-long love affair with Coral and Coral Reefs. Often known as the "rainforests of the sea", these shallow coral reefs form some of Earth's most diverse ecosystems, so important to the existence of the earth and the air that we breath. Coral comes in a wide colour range including black, red, pink, blue, brown, green, purple, yellow, orange and white. This diverse color pallet was a dream come true for Rachel, who spent time in New York creating this wonderful collection with Ciner. The Corali Collection consists of eight smaller collections. All have their own unique identity, yet all are cleverly designed to complement each edit perfectly. You can mix-up your look with pieces from different groups to create your own unique Corali style to suit your lifestyle and your wardrobe. The world is your oyster with this stunning collection.
The Rachel Bates x Ciner conversation began two years ago with a mutual admiration of each other's designs and brand style. A conversation between the two design houses was followed by a design visit to Manhattan in November 2018. After a lot of hard work, passion and excitement, our beautiful collaborative collections are here for you to own and enjoy for generations to come. The Ciner story is a very special one, now over 127 years old. Rachel is incredibly thrilled to be collaborating, designing and working with this truly special and inspirational American national treasure.

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