Introducing Rachel Bates x CINER ; The Corali Collection

CINER is excited to announce the launch of our collaboration with Rachel Bates, “The Corali Collection”. The Corali Collection is a selection of gorgeous pieces that combine Rachel’s signature bold colors with CINER’s passion for fine costume jewelry.

The Corali Collection was two years in the making, and started through Instagram, of all things! After a mutual appreciation of each other’s brand and unique signature designs, CINER and Rachel began discussing the possibilities of working together.

There were plenty of factors that influenced CINER’s decision to be part of this collaboration, but the deciding factor was Rachel, herself. The love and enthusiasm Rachel shows for great design, artisanal craftsmanship, and fine materials made this a collaboration in jewelry heaven!

Rachel Bates

When Rachel told us about her idea of a jewelry line based around coral, we became fascinated with the concept. Ciner has a strong love of all things nautical, and this mutual admiration marked the start of the gorgeous collection you see today.

Made up of 8 different edits, The Corali Collection captures the rainbow of colors found in the beautiful reefs around the world. Each piece makes a bold, sophisticated and chic statement. The harmonious color palettes, which combine splashes of red with softer shades of pale pinks, grays, and greens, are truly breathtaking.

From Pink Corali to Jewels of the Ocean, each edit ties back to the under-the-sea theme. Coral branches, starfish, shells, and seahorses are adorned with lustrous European glass pearls, sparkling crystals and cabochon stones, creating a beautiful statement.

The creative process behind our latest project was so much fun, and working with the Rachel Bates’ team was a dream. Meeting in our Manhattan showroom, our two teams bounced ideas off one another, to evolve from the original concept into the gorgeous collection you see.

This transatlantic collaboration was carried on throughout the entire design process. Both teams worked closely to create something that takes the quintessentially British designs of Rachel Bates and combines them with the 127-year American heritage that has made Ciner the fine jewelry staple it is today.

Both design houses have created a close comradery during the process. CINER is thrilled to be launching this new collection alongside Rachel Bates. Each piece encapsulates luxurious design with a hint of whimsy, while staying true to the shared dedication to quality. The partnership has led to some amazing results. We are looking forward to continuing this collaboration and partnership with Rachel.