Ciner Fans Around the World

Ciner Fans Around the World

Every now and again, we get an interesting call or email inquiring about one of our vintage Ciner pieces. We recently received an interesting inquiry from one of our wonderful Ciner Fans around the World! This one is from Anne.

Hi Kris,
Thanks for taking the time to look at this picture. A friend in one of my FB groups posted it and no one can ever recall seeing it before. We are not sure if it is a Clown or Jester, marked Ciner underneath. He would be so thrilled if you can find any information on it.

Thanks again and have a lovely evening.

To which president Pat Ciner-Hill responded:

Dear Anne,
We’ve done a little research on the “jester” pin that you had forwarded to Kris. We know that before 1974, the pin was made as you see it, with the stones in its nose and cheeks, a pearl at the end of the hat as well as stone cabochons decorating the hat; and faceted stones in the neck ruffles. We do not know how many years prior to 1974 it was originally created, but probably many many years. In May 1974 the pin seems to have been revised and slightly altered. The hat, instead of having amethyst cabochons and clear faceted stones, was decorated with small circles of enamel and NO pearl at the end. Instead of having faceted stones in the eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth, the pin was enameled with color on the white face. The collar around the neck was not as ruffled. We do not know why it was changed because it seems to have had much more charm with the stoned effect!

I hope this information is of some help. I’m sorry that we do not know any more about its evolution but it is definitely a CINER pin – either “clown” or “jester.”
Pat Ciner Hill

The Jester Pin

Written by Stephanie Fuhro

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